Yes, you really need a rug pad: Top 5 reasons to go and buy it right away

Unknown hero of your living-room, rug pad, is totally and unjustly underestimated. If you try to find the right one via internet, most probably you will find it somewhere in articles under titles that sound like this:

„Do I really need one?“

Why this lack of enthusiasm? This is one of the products in your home that will provide you the best value for the given price. You can purchase it for less than 20 dollars and it will last at least ten years!

So, the answer is – yes, you do need a rug pad. Here are top 5 reasons to back this statement up:how-to-choose-rug-pads

1) Protection of the rug. If you already invested your money in that expensive wool rug, you might as well maintain it properly. Although you vaccum it regulary and even wash it once in a while –   underside of the rug can be just as senstive as the top one.

Constant friction that is made while you walk on it, especially in areas like hallways, can permanently damage your rug by making it thinner in certain spots. With a proper rug pad you won’t have to worry about this.

2) Protection of the floor. You won’t exactly notice any differencies on your floors on a daily basis. When you star with renovation works in a few year, you’ll discover how that rustic sofa was way too heavy, high heels too sharp and area around your coffee table unprotected for whole time.

How will you know that? All of these things will leave „scars“ and trailson your beautiful laminate in rosewood tones. If you had bought a rug pad on time, this wouldn’t have happened. Don’t say later that we didn’t warn you.ecoplush0-5-feltrugpad

3) Protection from the moisture. Rug pads can be made waterproof, out of materials such as natural ruber, jute or memory foam. I bet you can remeber at least three situations where this would mean a world. If not, here’s a short reminder:

Let’s say you have small children running around the house. Maybe you are owner of a puppy or an old cat. Well…accidents can happen. Some liquid will eventually end up on your rug and you know it. It’s inevitable – but it doesn’t have to harm your floors.

4) Less noise, more comfort. There are also other benefits that are not so obvious on a first glance. Rug pad of high-quality can reduce noise of your steps and make your area rug more comfortable. It even has insulation purpose, because it separates you from the cold floor surface.  longlifepad

5) Life-saving prevention of slipping.

Rug pad will keep your rug in one place and prevent corners to roll up. Combined with double-sided tape, it can save your life. Be careful, though, not to tape it completely, for the purpose of cleaning that area.

No sliding, plus chances are less that you are going to kill yourself in your own house. Handy, isn’t it?


Essential steps in the choice of a perfect fireplace – because you’ll do it only once

If you are thinking about adding the fireplace to your living room, you must be aware that idyllic picture of the family gathered in front of it – actually needs some planning beforehand.

Here you’ll find tips on choosing purpose, position and type of ideal fireplace, along with requirements you must meet before the installation.

  • Purpose

Although their primary function is heating, people most often love fireplaces because of their aesthetic dimension. This is the first thing you need to define. Why do you want one?modernstucco

  • Position

Organization of furniture in a living room should be such that the vision is directed toward the fireplace. This way you make dose of elegance and exclusivity.

  • Type

Types differ in energy used (wood, gas, electricity), combustion chamber (open or closed), size and strength. When you have chosen purpose and position, you need to consider lifestyle of your family.

Whether you prefer traditional, practical or „green“ solution, we got you covered! Here’s what you need to know about each fireplace type before you choose the right one:

1) Electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are increasingly common in today’s interiors. They can be set on the wall like a picture or as a standalone element in space. Radiating heat is optional.

Their advantages are: easier cleaning and maintenance; no need for a chimney; they are portable, able to effect a flame in several colors and handled by the remote control. On the other hand, they don’t provide the natural beauty and aroma of the wood crackling.

If you value the visual effect more than heating, this option is for you.

2) Wood burning fireplaces

Just imagine the pleasure of crackling wood and the smell that spreads around the space on a cold day of especially harsh winter. Although the fireplace with open fire is impressive, energy efficiency level is 70% higher at the closed one.f_864ho

If you have no possibility of heating by district heating, natural fuel or electricity (or that options is too expensive) – they can provide heating of the whole house. This is achieved in combination with built-in boiler water and water pumps or with fans that work on a principle of hot air heating.

Preconditions: sufficient diameter and height of the chimney, constant flow of fresh air and the solid base.

Also, with wood burning fireplace Santa Claus can get into your house when the time comes, and that is very important.

3) Bio fireplaces

Bioethanol is eco-friendly fuel made out of completely natural products – sugar canes, crops, corn… Fireplaces that use it have exclusively aesthetic role. They are portable and characterized by a modern, minimalist design.

Fireplaces can also use pellets as a fuel. Pellets are pressed wood waste (other organic matter can also be used), with high energy efficiency. It is a very environmentally friendly fuel and has the lowest price, compared to other energy sources.

4) Gas fireplaces

Easily maintained and used. Like wood burning fireplaces, they can be used for central heating- either by itself or as supplemental heating system.

Preconditions: chimney and fresh air flow.

Congratulations, you have just mastered the basics of fireplace magic!

6 Fantastic Living Room Flooring Ideas

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Your living room must have a beautiful and long-lasting floor before you can even think about decorating it. There are in fact hundreds of flooring options you can choose from. Some careful planning and choosing the right options means you can make your living room comfortable, good looking and durable for years to come.

Your flooring can actually make or break your living room. Here are some tips to choose the best floor for your living room.

  • Real Wood Floors for Lasting Charm:

Wood floors are matchless when it comes to comfort, warmth and beauty. They have become affordable and durable than ever before thanks to new manufacturing techniques. It is pertinent to note that solid wood floors are cheaper than engineered wood floors. But – the high cost of labor and installation increase price a little bit. They still are great option because you can refinish and sand them as many times you

  • Rustic Charm through Brick Tiles:

If you want to impart old-fashioned, rustic look to your living room, you must go for brick pavers. You can lay them in any pattern, most important of which are running-bond, herringbone, and basket-weave. You also have a choice of thickness, style and size. Brick floors are also very easy to maintain and clean. You can easily vacuum, sweep and wash them with soap and water them without any danger of wear and tear.

  • Warmth Capturing Carpets:

Wall to wall carpets are not only comfortable underfoot but they also make your living room visually appealing and warm. It is a great idea to choose neutral colors for carpets if you want to subdue the floor. On the other hand, a colorful attention grabbing carpet is necessary for a room with high ceiling. Similarly, choosing bright hues for the high walls will perfectly complement and balance expansive room environment.

  • Concrete for Modern Floors:

Concrete floors for living rooms are garnering immense popularity among homeowners. Concrete floors mimic tile and stone floors. You can even stain them to look like stone or tiles. Most importantly, they are cheaper than both tiles and stone floors but impart the same warmth and beauty to your room. You can also use them with other home decoration styles and stain them to imitate leather.polished-concrete-floors-modern-white-kitchen-minimalist-kitchen-design

  • Slate for Rugged Looks:

If you want to make your living room look more earthly and warm, you must use slate tiles as a flooring material. You need to seal it completely to keep staining at bay. It is pet proof and very easy to maintain as compared to other flooring materials. However, slate always remains cool and is very unforgiving for the dropped items. To overcome this shortcoming, it is better to cover it with rug during winters.

Natural stone floor can evoke feelings of grandeur and splendor, especially in a large room with plaster walls. There are many patterns in which you can use natural stone and every pattern will make your room look beautiful and magnificent. The only drawback of stone is that it is porous and you need to seal it regularly to avoid any damage.

How to Choose the Perfect Area Rug or Carpet for You

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Having a beautiful area rug or carpet having all the power to change the look of a house or better we can say complement the décor. It creates a kind of ambience in the room. Having anything, either carpet or rug gives the same feel in the house, but actually this is not just to make your task as it comes with quite a lot of questions like How the rug or carpet would be coordinated? Is it going well with other décor, textures  or materials in the room?

Different Types of Rugs

Dhurrie Rugs- When you would start exploring the market for rugs, then would definitely get a huge range of carpets so that you pick the best one from that, there are some dhurrie rugs that are flat woven cotton rugs and are available in a huge variety of colors and combinations. Having images of flowers, animals and other thins can also be found in same.

Oriental Rugs- Next is Oriental rugs, they cost higher, so, if your choice is that then definitely have to be ready for a bigger investment. The cost you pay for that would offer with long term returns as their value never goes down. It comes in variety like silk Orientals or wool Orientals.alvarez-wool-blend-rugs

Bordered Rugs- Bordered rugs are basically a great choice for the people simplicity. They come in simple designs with a base color along with a border on the edges. This also comes in a variety of colors, styles and designs. You can get that in various styles and color combinations and so is the reason considered as most versatile rugs.

Inlaid Rugs- Inlaid rugs come with a huge range of designs and you can even get them in the customized look like having your initials or anything you can write on the paper. You can even get a message on same. It also costs reasonable, but possibly cost may little higher with the complexity of the design.

Tips to consider- Before investing in any of the carpet or rug, just make sure, it is perfect fit to that space. A rug can be little more than just a rug, when it would compliment your style and taste. This would even give an idea to the guests that what is your taste. Whenever, going to take any of the decision, make sure what would be the place. Like, in case, it is the place that is used regularly, then choose the one that is hard wearing or durable. Or, if it is for a formal area, like living room, then consider the simple yet elegant design. In your bedroom, you can choose anything you like, or can go with pleasant and soft underfoot.area-rugs

Conclusion- Carpet or area rug can change the ambience of the place. So, consider about the style as if you have decorated the room with everything in coordination, then even the smallest place would look best and luxurious. So, why not go with the best one for your room.


Which Type Of Hardwood Floor Is Best For Your Home

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What type of hardwood floor is best for your house? It is one of the most important decisions you have to make if you want to buy hardwood floor for your house. There are many different factors which can affect your decision. For instance, you must consider the construction type of your home or office to make the decision easier.

In the context of above discussion, following are some most important types of hardwood floors.hard-wood-floor-8

  • Solid Hardwood Floors:

The standard solid floor is ¾” thick. The standard thickness for thin profile floor is 5/6”. There are three ways in which you saw the planks. The price and stability of the floor depend upon how the planks have been sawn. These floors can last for generations because they are strong and durable. You can easily clean and refinish them as many times as you want.

  • Engineered Hardwood Floors.

These types of floors are manufactured by bonding a real hardwood surface to another board. These boards are made of either high density fibreboard or plywood. As a result, such floors are more stable dimensionally as compared to their solid counterparts. They are cheaper than solid hardwood floors and you can install the pretty easily. They won’t crack or scuff under high pressures as well.

As the name suggests, different types of acrylic components are doped into the real wood to manufacture acrylic impregnated floors. These floors are much stronger, flexible, harder and durable than both the solid and engineered hardwood floors. If your home is quite busy with a lot of activity, you must go for this very type of hardwood floor. For the very same reason, they are widely used in commercial buildings. Similarly, they are more resistant to the moisture and other factors which can damage your floor.d3d797fa22ca64200e5eb4591d8d22a6

  • Reclaimed and Recycled Hardwood Floors:

The best and unique thing about these floors is that they are manufactured from reclaimed wood. However, they don’t differ in terms of construction type. Manufactures collect wood from abandoned buildings, logs salvaged from rivers and lakes and sunken boats etc. These floors are perfect for people who are conscious about environment and want to have sustainable flooring.

  • Unfinished Wood Flooring:

You need to seal the wood floor to protect them from every day wear and tear. Unfinished wood floors are not at all unfinished. As a matter of fact, manufactures finish these floors at your home or on the job site. You can choose from different types of finish to match the specific need or color of your existing flooring.

  • Factory Finished Wood Flooring:

As the name suggests, manufactures finish these floors at their factories or workplace. Workers will require less time to install these floors because they have already been sanded and finished. Similarly, you can immediately start using the floor after installation process is complete.

It is better for you to consult your installer or manufacturer about which floor best suits your home and meets your particular requirements.

Important Points to Look At When Choosing a Crib for Your Baby

Most new parents may want to sleep with their babies in their beds. However, this can be very dangerous to them and that’s why you are advised that you get a baby crib. Being a first time parent, you may not have that much information on cribs and thus the whole experience may get a little stressful. There are a lot of considerations to make when you are buying a crib which are all important to ensuring that your baby is comfortable and safe. Discussed, are some of the most important points that you should consider, which will help you buy the best and safest crib for your child.

  1. Type of crib

There are many types of cribs in the market for your baby. However, you need to check the advantages and disadvantages of each before buying. Some of the most popular cribs include standard cribs, portable, convertible, and travel cribs among others. These cribs are different in so many ways but if you are a first time parent, the best would be the standard crib. It has a simple design and the mattress plus other accessories are easy to find thus making it easier for you. The size is just perfect allowing your baby enough space to play around but still maintains his or her safety throughout.stork-craft-portofino-4-in-1-fixed-side-convertible-crib-and-changer-e1428755463104

  1. General cost

Baby cribs do not usually come with the mattress and accessories meaning that you will have to buy these separately. A baby crib is one of the most expensive items you will buy for your baby. The price ranges from around $150 to $1000 depending on your budget. When choosing the kind of crib that you want, it is mandatory that you check where you will be getting your accessories from. Make sure that they are within your price range and that they are the right fit as smaller or larger accessories may prove to be a health risk.

  1. Available space for the crib

This is the amount of space that is available in your nursery. If you choose to have the crib in your room, it may get a little cramped up. This is why you need to take measurements of where the crib will be positioned to make sure that it will fit perfectly. If you have a large space, it is safe to opt for standard crib; however, if the space is limited, you may want to opt for a fold up crib. This will allow you to fold it up when your baby is not in the crib to create more space in the room.

  1. Buy or build

This is an important factor to consider especially if you are into creative and handy work, you may want to build a crib for your baby. However, you will want to start early enough for this since it is a process that may take up quite a bit of time. You may also have your baby’s crib custom built which ensures that you get the measurements and all the requirements right, it may cost more than buying but you will be sure of what you are getting. Buying is a great option if you hadn’t planned early enough. An important thing to note about buying a crib is that they are usually not assembled. If you are in your last trimester of pregnancy, it is impractical to think of assembling it yourself. This is why you need to get help from someone who understands how to reassemble a crib.d98279d822c2ee58516d9c360d04ed89

  1. Teething rails

As your baby grows, you will notice that they will start gnawing at the rails which may be very dangerous especially if they already have some teeth. Hence, you need to check if the baby crib that you are buying is teething friendly. Teething friendly cribs usually have a barrier between the material that is used to make the crib and your baby’s teeth. This allows them to gnaw away as much as they want which is very beneficial to their growth.

  1. Colors

If you have paid a lot of attention to the details in your décor, then that has to go for your baby’s crib too. Check around your house or nursery for the most commonly used color. Ensure that the crib matches or compliments the existing colors. Babies’ cribs come in different colors which mean that you have a wide range to choose from thus making the buying process much easier.

A crib is a great necessity for your baby since it keeps them safe and allows them to enjoy quality sleep which is very important. This is why you need to check for the best crib and accessories that you can afford. Make sure that the crib is stable and strong. Getting a few reviews from friends and family who already have children, is the best way to ensure that you buy or build the best crib for your baby.

How to get clarity and energy with a little help from Feng Shui? The metallic secret

Metal and metallic items were until recently considered as futuristic material. Luckily, they finally crossed into the present and made it sparkling and shiny. From small, adorning objects to whole house furniture packages, metal slowly filled in our interiors – living rooms, kitchens and hallways.

What are the most common prejudices when it comes to metal?luxury-metallic-bathroom-furniture 

Prejudice number one is probably the vision of metal as a material without warmth and with no aesthetic potential at all.

Other say that different metallic tones, such as gold, silver or bronze – shouldn’t be combined.

Most often, homeowners simply perceive it as too glittering and fancy for a „regular“ home.

May I suggest to you, here and now, to destroy these prejudices? We can do that with just a little help from Feng Shui – the art of balancing and harmonizing energy with people and space they are staying in. I promise it will be worth it!

According to this art, metal is the material that could even save you from procrastination and laziness! Its radiant surface is associated with fresh, energetic impulses that protect your space from negative vibes and provide clarity and focus.

Having this in mind, you might want to take advantage of metallic secret by using this material in your office, working room or any place where you would like to be productive.  If you really want to do it in Feng Shui style, it is advised to place metallic items in the west part of premises.

Here are some shimmering ideas for introducing this material into your home:

Idea 1 – Frame it in sparks of nickel.

Nickel and steel glow could be the perfect choice for framing a piece of art, favorite photo or even a mirror. This will catch an eye and draw attention to objects that are, by itself, able to make you more creative and get your energy flowing. Use several smaller frames next to each other for creating your unique photo composition.

Idea 2 – Warm it up with rose gold.

If you are too afraid to take large piece of furniture in metallic color, give it a try with curtains or cushions in the tone of rose gold. It will immediately warm up the space and give it rustic, but sophisticated look.warm-silver-metallic-paint-on-furniture

Idea 3 – Play with light.

All sorts of lamps and lights are made out of metal and you will easily find them in any home decor store. It is not by accident – reflections can do miracles. So, why don’t you play with light a little bit on your own? Use natural or artificial snop of light to highlight small object of metal, such as vases, bowls or statuettes.

Hopefully, this article will make you rethink metallic tones and their power. We provided few ideas that could help you to get the most of them. If you decide to use one of those, let us know in the comments below how much your energy level increased… Because it will, inevitably!

Consultant Aladdin: Which magic rug to choose for your home?

When you want to do something right, consulting an expert in that field seems like a smart thing to do. Do you know anyone who  could help you choose the rug better than Aladdin? Me neither! Fly around the world on his magic carpet, like he did!

If you let him show you the world, you will discover how much geographical origin of the rug affects its style, common purpose and colors used. Choose the one that best suits your style:

Chinese rugs are done solely for internal use. Althought this country has a long tradition of exporting goods through the history,  this tradition started in the first half of the 19th century when it comes to rugs. China is now exporting high-quality carpets of Art-Deco serial production. Their rugs differ very much from Indian and European oriental carpets. Chinese carpets are made of sophisticated, usually natural materials, with patterns that resemble their very rich mythology. Most common symbols are various numbers and dragons. Europeans know them for a short period of time.

Indian rugs are famous in the history from the 11th century, with the arrival of the first Muslim conquerors. Since then, their rugs are becoming very well-known, particularly for the density of nodes. That feature made the demand for them all the greater in Europe. There are very well-known Indian rugs where two basic motives – Hindu-Buddhistic and Muslim – are mixed.

Persian rugs are important part of the Persian-Iranian art and culture. Carpet weaving in Persia dates back to the Bronze Age. The earliest surviving carpet comes from the Safavid dynasty – far back in 16th century! That is the period in which Persian carpets got their recognizable luxury and beauty. Iranian carpets are probably the best in the world and their design is copied in all other countries. Iran is also the creator of the largest handmade carpet in the world – area of 60,546 square meters.adb0b94bf9d09b1e3b767049ebf34197

Afghan rugs are beautifully designed and made of high-quality natural materials that very cheap compared to the quality and the development itself. They are often sold under other names in the market of Europe. Shindad and Adraskan are their most famous carpets, named after the names of local Afghan villages, woven in Hertan in the west of Afghanistan.

Armenian rugs are different from all others – their peculiar work of art varies in a great number of colors and size. They are not very well known to Europeans. Main material that is used here isdelicate, naturally dyed wool.

Scandinavian rugs are among the most popular carpets today. One could say that this is the rug of the twentieth century. These carpets are of modern design and motifs, also of high quality materials and easy-to-maintain. Among them, most famous are Belgian carpets, since they are smaller in size and adapted to the life of modern man and his busy life.contemporary-rugs

We hope that the journey with Alladin and this geographical classification helped you to choose the ideal rug for your home.


Choosing The Awesome Area Rug For Your Space

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Choosing the area rug for your home is a fun task to do. This huge decision is quite a pain free compared changing other things in the house. Here you need to keep in mind what kind of you wanted to have in your space. Also, today’s market is available with a huge variety of area rugs, but before choosing any random one from them, let’s just take a quick look to the details of them and understand what would go best suitable as per your needs.

Various Types of Rugs in Manageable Categories– Here are mentioned the types of rugs in different categories, so that you can choose the best fit to your match. Usually rugs are available in different sizes and shapes. At that point of time, you can make your decision with craft technique and material.

Shapes- Whenever you go for purchasing the rugs, then consideration would be the shape of the rug you wanted to have. So, first be sure, you would like to have a rug to fill the space like a hall or for any corner? Or, you wanted to have a circular piece so that can center your furniture. After these questions only, you would be able to get a perfect shape for your home.

Rectangle– Rectangular shaped rugs are the most common types of rugs, but the best part is they can be found in various varieties of material and looks. You can even have the one in style suits your furniture or ambience of the house most.rug1

Runner- Runners are usually designed as lining in the hallway. It offers a clear walking path in a room or to any of the lengthy or narrow space.

Round- For enhancing the look of any of the living room, round rugs would be generally preferred. It offered the defined space near the sofa or bed. So, for having the focal point in any space, one can use the pretty round shaped rug. They come in various designs and prints like floral, geometric designs, plains and others.

Square shaped- As like rectangular rugs, square rugs are also available there in different multitude patterns plus styles. It gives a home filling feel to the small room or can also be used to occupy the space near furniture or doorways.

Oval- Oval shaped rugs are usually there to fill the lengthy space in a room. They equally look awesome when in rectangular area where there are no corners.hero_arearugs_yellow2

Octagon- Octagon shaped rugs are rugs that looks superb because of their unique cuts and so can even replace the round rug, in case, you wanted to have felt in your place. This type of rugs has the straight sides and sharp angles, so must be an option for those wanted to like something different from others.

When, you are going to buy the rug for your space, then along with material, looks and durability the best things which should be the point of consideration is the shape of the rug. Choosing the right shape as per space consideration and requirement would offer a new feeling to your place.


Hardwood Floors- What Are the Benefits?

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Hardwood floors have existed for very many years. However, most people never used to give it a serious thought until recently. More people are awakening to the numerous benefits that hardwood flooring has to them. It may be more costly than the other options in the market, but it is an absolutely worthy investment that you should make. Unlike carpet, hardwood floors do not wear out  and it will not need any replacing for very many years. A little bit of maintenance checks is all you need and you will be good to go. If you are constructing a new house or you just want a different floor for your home, then pay attention to the following reasons why you need to get in touch with the best hardwood floor contractor.engineered-hardwood-flooring

  1. They are durable

Hardwood floors literally last forever. If you have a carpet in your home, even the best quality in the market, you will find that you have to replace it in no more than five years. However, hardwood floors actually look better with age. You may need a few maintenance checks every so often but it won’t drill a hole in your pocket compared to the alternative. Hardwood floors are a one- time investment and you can forget about spending a lot of money to redo your floor.

  1. Classy look

There is something that is magnificent and classy about hardwood floors. They have this executive look that you cannot achieve with any other kind of flooring option. If you are looking for a way to change the whole look of your home, hardwood floors is the way to go. With a hardwood floor you do not need to spend a lot of money changing your furniture to achieve a new look, the floor will do it all for you. In fact, you may need to simplify your furniture and accessories which is very pocket- friendly.

  1. Very hygienic and easy to clean

If you have pets or children, you will be absolutely glad that you decided to install hardwood floors. This is because you do not have to spend a lot of time vacuuming and trying to get rid of stains, as you would in the case of carpets. You simply need to vacuum lightly or mop a bit which gets rid of any mud or liquids on the floor. It is knows that carpets harbor a lot of parasites especially if high- hygienic conditions are not upheld. However hardwood floors do not provide a good environment for such pests and is thus very suitable if anyone in your home has allergies.of-hardwood-flooring-2

  1. Design and color

Unlike what most people believe, hardwood floors come in different colors and can be designed into anything you want.  It is really easy to carve wood into anything you want which makes it perfect for anyone who appreciates art as your floor can be turned into a masterpiece. You can have your floor in a lighter color if you want to so it is not a must that you adhere to the dark rich color that most hardwood floors exhibit.

  1. Pocket- friendly in the long run

Hardwood floors are a one- time investment. If you calculate the amount of money that you use to change your carpet floors and the cost to install a hardwood floor- which you will do just once, the latter makes better sense. Which is why if you want to say goodbye to spending unnecessarily on your floors, you need to invest now in good quality hardwood floors.

  1. Better medium for heating

If you want to install a house heating system, hardwood floors are the best. They promote even distribution of heat allowing your house to be well heated. You will thus end up spending less having your house installed with a good heating system that will take care of that especially in the cold seasons.

Hardwood floors are long lasting, cost- effective and very attractive, which is why most people are turning to them for their houses. Join them in making the best decision that you will be very thankful for later.