6 Fantastic Living Room Flooring Ideas

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Your living room must have a beautiful and long-lasting floor before you can even think about decorating it. There are in fact hundreds of flooring options you can choose from. Some careful planning and choosing the right options means you can make your living room comfortable, good looking and durable for years to come.

Your flooring can actually make or break your living room. Here are some tips to choose the best floor for your living room.

  • Real Wood Floors for Lasting Charm:

Wood floors are matchless when it comes to comfort, warmth and beauty. They have become affordable and durable than ever before thanks to new manufacturing techniques. It is pertinent to note that solid wood floors are cheaper than engineered wood floors. But – the high cost of labor and installation increase price a little bit. They still are great option because you can refinish and sand them as many times you like.kitchen-real-wood-flooring

  • Rustic Charm through Brick Tiles:

If you want to impart old-fashioned, rustic look to your living room, you must go for brick pavers. You can lay them in any pattern, most important of which are running-bond, herringbone, and basket-weave. You also have a choice of thickness, style and size. Brick floors are also very easy to maintain and clean. You can easily vacuum, sweep and wash them with soap and water them without any danger of wear and tear.

  • Warmth Capturing Carpets:

Wall to wall carpets are not only comfortable underfoot but they also make your living room visually appealing and warm. It is a great idea to choose neutral colors for carpets if you want to subdue the floor. On the other hand, a colorful attention grabbing carpet is necessary for a room with high ceiling. Similarly, choosing bright hues for the high walls will perfectly complement and balance expansive room environment.

  • Concrete for Modern Floors:

Concrete floors for living rooms are garnering immense popularity among homeowners. Concrete floors mimic tile and stone floors. You can even stain them to look like stone or tiles. Most importantly, they are cheaper than both tiles and stone floors but impart the same warmth and beauty to your room. You can also use them with other home decoration styles and stain them to imitate leather.polished-concrete-floors-modern-white-kitchen-minimalist-kitchen-design

  • Slate for Rugged Looks:

If you want to make your living room look more earthly and warm, you must use slate tiles as a flooring material. You need to seal it completely to keep staining at bay. It is pet proof and very easy to maintain as compared to other flooring materials. However, slate always remains cool and is very unforgiving for the dropped items. To overcome this shortcoming, it is better to cover it with rug during winters.

Natural stone floor can evoke feelings of grandeur and splendor, especially in a large room with plaster walls. There are many patterns in which you can use natural stone and every pattern will make your room look beautiful and magnificent. The only drawback of stone is that it is porous and you need to seal it regularly to avoid any damage.

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