Are you killing the vibe of your own space? Patterned wallpapers are not for everyone

Yeah, I know, playing with patterns and decorating your home became so much more compelling when wallpapers became trendy again. This year especially since all patterns, from blossoms to ornaments, started emulating beautiful nature around us.

Should you try it out? Of course you should! People have been using wallpapers in their homes since the 16th century, why shouldn’t you.

Enrich your space by bringing the nature inside. Embrace the motives of plants and stones and sink in metallic tones of rusty and gold. Blend the textures of earth and leaves. But, be careful not to get carried away.

Patterned wallpapers should be used with caution because they literally define your room. Certain combinations of them are not for everyone – they require specific features of a space you want to decorate. So here are things you shouldn’t do no matter how good it looks in the home decor magazine.dsae6r

1) Don’t cover walls with patterns, if the furniture is colorful.

A surprising number of people won’t take this in consideration when deciding whether to paint o0r use wallpaper. If you’d like to be brave and put flowers on the walls, then your sofa, bed or table in that room should be whole-colored. If they’re not – better opt for the paint.

Even if you had in mind simple shapes and colors that you already have in a room, it is simply too much. Room would feel too crowded even there are no one inside.

2) Don’t use patterns, unless you want to catch attention.

Using wallpapers on only one wall in the room became very popular since they reappeared. Ideal place for that is along the seating area or next to the supper table. You definitely shouldn’t use patterned wallpaper on the side walls – it will just attract unnecessary attention to them.

If you decide to apply this in your bedroom, choose the wall behind the bed. That way, it won’t distract you during your rest time.

Think about it – wallpaper emphasizes part of the interior you want to be most pronounced in the area. That part doesn’t even have to be a whole wall. You can beautify just the part above the fireplace or behind a bookshelf.

3) Do not „overdo“ small rooms.

Small room with a low ceiling leaves you with less opportunity to experiment with your walls. Avoid using particularly dark and warm tones. Big patterns and decorative wallpaper borders on the top of the wall are also something you should forget about. They are more appropriate in high interiors.

If you really want to use patterned wallpaper let them be in colors that are as light as possible. Shapes that are repeating on them should be truly tiny and simple. For example, kids bedroom would look and feel much more cheerful if there are small clouds, dinosaurs or cars on the walls.

Another smart thing you could do is making your room visually higher by using vertical stripes on walls.

Try not to kill the vibe of your home with patterned wallpapers. As you can see, it’s easier than you might have imagined.


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