Beautiful Ways to Use Brass in Your Furniture

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Brass is a metal that is made of copper and zinc that was very popular during the ancient times.  However, the metal has started gaining back some popularity and more people are embracing it in different ways. Brass is a beautiful metal that is loved due to the fact that it does not rust and gives one’s home an elegant look that is difficult to achieve unless you use gold, which is a lot more expensive. Brass is also very durable and versatile, which means that you can use it in many ways around your house. One of these is by incorporating it into furniture to add that extra touch of elegance in the following ways.traditional-coffee-tables

  1. Brass coffee table

Brass can be made into practically anything you want, such as a beautiful artistic coffee table that you will love. One thing about the metal is its beautiful color that is unique and gives a certain retro feel that will be perfect if it is something that you have embraced in your home. A brass coffee table is durable, thus it will last for years without needing replacement. You may have to get it polished once in a while, but this is easy to do and should not cause you much trouble.

  1. Chairs and chaises

A full brass chair or couch may not be practical for most homes, but if you believe you can pull it off; by all means do so, it will be beautiful. However, you can have certain aspects of your furniture in brass such as chair handles and the legs. Brass has the ability to uplift your furniture and make it look so much classier than if you were to have it made of wood or any other common metal. You can refurbish your couch to include brass decorations such as some flower patterns at the bottom. This will definitely make it look so much better than having it plain as it were.

  1. Brass dining set

You may choose to have a complete brass dining set which includes the chairs and table. Have it in any shape you like with any other additional decorations that you like. However, if you feel that this is too much for you, then you may incorporate some hardwood parts that will create some unique texture to your dining table and chairs. Look for creative ways to use brass in your existing dining table and chairs and have then done by a professional since this will guarantee that you get exactly what you envisioned.

  1. Brass bedroom furniture

kgrhqvnsfitgwfmfbbsqfsin7_32If you are looking for a way to refurbish the furniture in your bedroom, consider using brass. There are many ways you can achieve this such as your dressing table. You can choose to have the legs and drawer handles made of brass. A unique and truly artistic way is to have the frame of your mirror in brass. It is simply beautiful if you have it plainly as it is, or you can have some patterned designs on it. A great way to use brass on your bed is by having a large elegant headboard in brass then you may choose to leave the other parts in hardwood. It will literally look like an expensive antique piece.

Using brass is a nice way to remodel and accessorize your home. Since it is so versatile, you can use it very many ways such as n door handles or even have a television stand made of it. If you are looking for a unique way to decorate your home, this is it.



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