Consultant Aladdin: Which magic rug to choose for your home?

When you want to do something right, consulting an expert in that field seems like a smart thing to do. Do you know anyone who  could help you choose the rug better than Aladdin? Me neither! Fly around the world on his magic carpet, like he did!

If you let him show you the world, you will discover how much geographical origin of the rug affects its style, common purpose and colors used. Choose the one that best suits your style:

Chinese rugs are done solely for internal use. Althought this country has a long tradition of exporting goods through the history,  this tradition started in the first half of the 19th century when it comes to rugs. China is now exporting high-quality carpets of Art-Deco serial production. Their rugs differ very much from Indian and European oriental carpets. Chinese carpets are made of sophisticated, usually natural materials, with patterns that resemble their very rich mythology. Most common symbols are various numbers and dragons. Europeans know them for a short period of time.

Indian rugs are famous in the history from the 11th century, with the arrival of the first Muslim conquerors. Since then, their rugs are becoming very well-known, particularly for the density of nodes. That feature made the demand for them all the greater in Europe. There are very well-known Indian rugs where two basic motives – Hindu-Buddhistic and Muslim – are mixed.

Persian rugs are important part of the Persian-Iranian art and culture. Carpet weaving in Persia dates back to the Bronze Age. The earliest surviving carpet comes from the Safavid dynasty – far back in 16th century! That is the period in which Persian carpets got their recognizable luxury and beauty. Iranian carpets are probably the best in the world and their design is copied in all other countries. Iran is also the creator of the largest handmade carpet in the world – area of 60,546 square meters.adb0b94bf9d09b1e3b767049ebf34197

Afghan rugs are beautifully designed and made of high-quality natural materials that very cheap compared to the quality and the development itself. They are often sold under other names in the market of Europe. Shindad and Adraskan are their most famous carpets, named after the names of local Afghan villages, woven in Hertan in the west of Afghanistan.

Armenian rugs are different from all others – their peculiar work of art varies in a great number of colors and size. They are not very well known to Europeans. Main material that is used here isdelicate, naturally dyed wool.

Scandinavian rugs are among the most popular carpets today. One could say that this is the rug of the twentieth century. These carpets are of modern design and motifs, also of high quality materials and easy-to-maintain. Among them, most famous are Belgian carpets, since they are smaller in size and adapted to the life of modern man and his busy life.contemporary-rugs

We hope that the journey with Alladin and this geographical classification helped you to choose the ideal rug for your home.


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