Essential steps in the choice of a perfect fireplace – because you’ll do it only once

If you are thinking about adding the fireplace to your living room, you must be aware that idyllic picture of the family gathered in front of it – actually needs some planning beforehand.

Here you’ll find tips on choosing purpose, position and type of ideal fireplace, along with requirements you must meet before the installation.

  • Purpose

Although their primary function is heating, people most often love fireplaces because of their aesthetic dimension. This is the first thing you need to define. Why do you want one?modernstucco

  • Position

Organization of furniture in a living room should be such that the vision is directed toward the fireplace. This way you make dose of elegance and exclusivity.

  • Type

Types differ in energy used (wood, gas, electricity), combustion chamber (open or closed), size and strength. When you have chosen purpose and position, you need to consider lifestyle of your family.

Whether you prefer traditional, practical or „green“ solution, we got you covered! Here’s what you need to know about each fireplace type before you choose the right one:

1) Electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are increasingly common in today’s interiors. They can be set on the wall like a picture or as a standalone element in space. Radiating heat is optional.

Their advantages are: easier cleaning and maintenance; no need for a chimney; they are portable, able to effect a flame in several colors and handled by the remote control. On the other hand, they don’t provide the natural beauty and aroma of the wood crackling.

If you value the visual effect more than heating, this option is for you.

2) Wood burning fireplaces

Just imagine the pleasure of crackling wood and the smell that spreads around the space on a cold day of especially harsh winter. Although the fireplace with open fire is impressive, energy efficiency level is 70% higher at the closed one.f_864ho

If you have no possibility of heating by district heating, natural fuel or electricity (or that options is too expensive) – they can provide heating of the whole house. This is achieved in combination with built-in boiler water and water pumps or with fans that work on a principle of hot air heating.

Preconditions: sufficient diameter and height of the chimney, constant flow of fresh air and the solid base.

Also, with wood burning fireplace Santa Claus can get into your house when the time comes, and that is very important.

3) Bio fireplaces

Bioethanol is eco-friendly fuel made out of completely natural products – sugar canes, crops, corn… Fireplaces that use it have exclusively aesthetic role. They are portable and characterized by a modern, minimalist design.

Fireplaces can also use pellets as a fuel. Pellets are pressed wood waste (other organic matter can also be used), with high energy efficiency. It is a very environmentally friendly fuel and has the lowest price, compared to other energy sources.

4) Gas fireplaces

Easily maintained and used. Like wood burning fireplaces, they can be used for central heating- either by itself or as supplemental heating system.

Preconditions: chimney and fresh air flow.

Congratulations, you have just mastered the basics of fireplace magic!

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