How to Choose the Perfect Area Rug or Carpet for You

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Having a beautiful area rug or carpet having all the power to change the look of a house or better we can say complement the décor. It creates a kind of ambience in the room. Having anything, either carpet or rug gives the same feel in the house, but actually this is not just to make your task as it comes with quite a lot of questions like How the rug or carpet would be coordinated? Is it going well with other décor, textures  or materials in the room?

Different Types of Rugs

Dhurrie Rugs- When you would start exploring the market for rugs, then would definitely get a huge range of carpets so that you pick the best one from that, there are some dhurrie rugs that are flat woven cotton rugs and are available in a huge variety of colors and combinations. Having images of flowers, animals and other thins can also be found in same.

Oriental Rugs- Next is Oriental rugs, they cost higher, so, if your choice is that then definitely have to be ready for a bigger investment. The cost you pay for that would offer with long term returns as their value never goes down. It comes in variety like silk Orientals or wool Orientals.alvarez-wool-blend-rugs

Bordered Rugs- Bordered rugs are basically a great choice for the people simplicity. They come in simple designs with a base color along with a border on the edges. This also comes in a variety of colors, styles and designs. You can get that in various styles and color combinations and so is the reason considered as most versatile rugs.

Inlaid Rugs- Inlaid rugs come with a huge range of designs and you can even get them in the customized look like having your initials or anything you can write on the paper. You can even get a message on same. It also costs reasonable, but possibly cost may little higher with the complexity of the design.

Tips to consider- Before investing in any of the carpet or rug, just make sure, it is perfect fit to that space. A rug can be little more than just a rug, when it would compliment your style and taste. This would even give an idea to the guests that what is your taste. Whenever, going to take any of the decision, make sure what would be the place. Like, in case, it is the place that is used regularly, then choose the one that is hard wearing or durable. Or, if it is for a formal area, like living room, then consider the simple yet elegant design. In your bedroom, you can choose anything you like, or can go with pleasant and soft underfoot.area-rugs

Conclusion- Carpet or area rug can change the ambience of the place. So, consider about the style as if you have decorated the room with everything in coordination, then even the smallest place would look best and luxurious. So, why not go with the best one for your room.


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