How to get clarity and energy with a little help from Feng Shui? The metallic secret

Metal and metallic items were until recently considered as futuristic material. Luckily, they finally crossed into the present and made it sparkling and shiny. From small, adorning objects to whole house furniture packages, metal slowly filled in our interiors – living rooms, kitchens and hallways.

What are the most common prejudices when it comes to metal?luxury-metallic-bathroom-furniture 

Prejudice number one is probably the vision of metal as a material without warmth and with no aesthetic potential at all.

Other say that different metallic tones, such as gold, silver or bronze – shouldn’t be combined.

Most often, homeowners simply perceive it as too glittering and fancy for a „regular“ home.

May I suggest to you, here and now, to destroy these prejudices? We can do that with just a little help from Feng Shui – the art of balancing and harmonizing energy with people and space they are staying in. I promise it will be worth it!

According to this art, metal is the material that could even save you from procrastination and laziness! Its radiant surface is associated with fresh, energetic impulses that protect your space from negative vibes and provide clarity and focus.

Having this in mind, you might want to take advantage of metallic secret by using this material in your office, working room or any place where you would like to be productive.  If you really want to do it in Feng Shui style, it is advised to place metallic items in the west part of premises.

Here are some shimmering ideas for introducing this material into your home:

Idea 1 – Frame it in sparks of nickel.

Nickel and steel glow could be the perfect choice for framing a piece of art, favorite photo or even a mirror. This will catch an eye and draw attention to objects that are, by itself, able to make you more creative and get your energy flowing. Use several smaller frames next to each other for creating your unique photo composition.

Idea 2 – Warm it up with rose gold.

If you are too afraid to take large piece of furniture in metallic color, give it a try with curtains or cushions in the tone of rose gold. It will immediately warm up the space and give it rustic, but sophisticated look.warm-silver-metallic-paint-on-furniture

Idea 3 – Play with light.

All sorts of lamps and lights are made out of metal and you will easily find them in any home decor store. It is not by accident – reflections can do miracles. So, why don’t you play with light a little bit on your own? Use natural or artificial snop of light to highlight small object of metal, such as vases, bowls or statuettes.

Hopefully, this article will make you rethink metallic tones and their power. We provided few ideas that could help you to get the most of them. If you decide to use one of those, let us know in the comments below how much your energy level increased… Because it will, inevitably!

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