How to nail industrial look and 5 reasons to do it

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The main feature of this style is an unfinished look that is celebrating its imperfections. It focuses on combining bare and rough surfaces with clean, flat and completed ones. Goal is to act as a showcase for everything that comes to your mind when you think of industry and manufacturing. 53a5a65c36747e197b05f64d121f8301

Whole concept of industrial-style interior is created for people that are brave enough not to be slaves of formalities and don’t care about fancy final touch. Therefore, every aspect of design is essential – but should leave you with an impression that everything is very casually arranged.

The best home for this look is one with the open floor plans because you can easily imagine the appearance of the old warehouses or factories in it. This trend is becoming increasingly popular in the last few years.

We analyzed basic characteristics of industrial look for you. So, here you have five reasons for nailing it at your home:

  1. Putting man-made objects on pedestal

More or less any object that is man-made is in some way a result of the industrial design – from furniture to adorning objects. This is the opportunity to take out old, cherished items from forgotten rooms – anything made of metal, steel or wood. If they look worn and used – even better! See what you can find in antique shops, trade fairs and flea markets.

  1. Trying too hard never did any good

Like in life, industrial style teaches you that the best look is the one that seems a bit careless. Steel structures, such as beams and columns, concrete ceilings and walls, polished and clean concrete floors – everything should be left visible. Don’t bother with covering installations, crude edges nor bricks in the wall that looks like it has been there for years. Everything is not supposed to be perfect.il_570xn-277878135-copy

  1. Light bulbs for fresh ideas

Another aspect of this look that makes it so awesome is lighting that should look as if it belongs in a warehouse. Play with retro designed ceiling lamps, neon lights and vintage light bulbs – they will certainly spark additional decorating ideas.

  1. Minimalism – because less is always more

Avoid crowding the space because it will make it harder to accentuate specific and rare pieces that will give the charm to your home. There is no need for too much furniture, this style is pretty minimalistic.  One trick that can help you to achieve this is using the same wooden floor in all premises. If there is no possibility to do so, concentrate on details that you particularly like and use them to give your home a fresh look.

  1. Recreate your favorite hiding place

Remember the treasures you could dig out from an old attic when you were a kid? That’s what you’re after here! Make use of old metal or wooden cabinets for storage of old cupboards, broken shelves and any kind of excess stuff.

So, are you cool enough for the industrial style? If so, our suggestions will definitely help you in providing this unique appearance of your home.

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