Are you killing the vibe of your own space? Patterned wallpapers are not for everyone

Yeah, I know, playing with patterns and decorating your home became so much more compelling when wallpapers became trendy again. This year especially since all patterns, from blossoms to ornaments, started emulating beautiful nature around us.

Should you try it out? Of course you should! People have been using wallpapers in their homes since the 16th century, why shouldn’t you.

Enrich your space by bringing the nature inside. Embrace the motives of plants and stones and sink in metallic tones of rusty and gold. Blend the textures of earth and leaves. But, be careful not to get carried away.

Patterned wallpapers should be used with caution because they literally define your room. Certain combinations of them are not for everyone – they require specific features of a space you want to decorate. So here are things you shouldn’t do no matter how good it looks in the home decor magazine.dsae6r

1) Don’t cover walls with patterns, if the furniture is colorful.

A surprising number of people won’t take this in consideration when deciding whether to paint o0r use wallpaper. If you’d like to be brave and put flowers on the walls, then your sofa, bed or table in that room should be whole-colored. If they’re not – better opt for the paint.

Even if you had in mind simple shapes and colors that you already have in a room, it is simply too much. Room would feel too crowded even there are no one inside.

2) Don’t use patterns, unless you want to catch attention.

Using wallpapers on only one wall in the room became very popular since they reappeared. Ideal place for that is along the seating area or next to the supper table. You definitely shouldn’t use patterned wallpaper on the side walls – it will just attract unnecessary attention to them.

If you decide to apply this in your bedroom, choose the wall behind the bed. That way, it won’t distract you during your rest time.

Think about it – wallpaper emphasizes part of the interior you want to be most pronounced in the area. That part doesn’t even have to be a whole wall. You can beautify just the part above the fireplace or behind a bookshelf.

3) Do not „overdo“ small rooms.

Small room with a low ceiling leaves you with less opportunity to experiment with your walls. Avoid using particularly dark and warm tones. Big patterns and decorative wallpaper borders on the top of the wall are also something you should forget about. They are more appropriate in high interiors.

If you really want to use patterned wallpaper let them be in colors that are as light as possible. Shapes that are repeating on them should be truly tiny and simple. For example, kids bedroom would look and feel much more cheerful if there are small clouds, dinosaurs or cars on the walls.

Another smart thing you could do is making your room visually higher by using vertical stripes on walls.

Try not to kill the vibe of your home with patterned wallpapers. As you can see, it’s easier than you might have imagined.


What Points Needed to Consider When Shopping for Sink Cabinets

When you wanted to give a renovated look to your kitchen, then best part played sink cabinets and choose from various styles, designs and colors available in sink cabinets. When you search for kitchen cabinets, you would have a long list of search results for the same. Still, there are some qualities that can help to narrow down the search. So, always go for the practical cosmetically pleased and cabinet’s offers you with plenty of space.bathroom-bathroom-sink-and-cabinets-home-design-ideas-and-photos-regarding-new-property-cabinet-bathroom-sinks-prepare

Points Needed To Be Underlined– There are list of certain things one must have in their homes to make it a contemporary home. It is basic thing to make over your dining and bedroom, but it is  not that you would ignore your kitchen and bathroom. As designing the bathroom and kitchen are considered to be basic point and better to make that according to the rest of the house, so that the complete house would have a single flowing theme.

Consider Storage Space- It is true that it matters a lot that your cabinets are beautifully looking, but along with that they would not consider to be a perfect match for your kitchen and bathroom if they are not having proper size. This is the reason storage space is very first thing comes to your mind when making choices for the cabinets. The high storage quality would help you in storing all of your ingredients along with food products. If the cabinets are for bathrooms, then they should have towel holders, with toilet paper holder and to carry other toiletries. Even vanities having sizable cabinets can be attached for making the bathroom more effective.bathroom-vanities-perfecta-pa-5126-1

Aesthetics– This is quite common that people go for remodelling the kitchen because they are fed up with the old look of the space, so, better here you go for aesthetic elements of your renovation. The cabinets that are looking good is not enough, you wanted, but, this must be naturally impressive when you considered as per the space of the kitchen. For instance, wood furniture looks awesome when it is in showroom, but this looks quite bad when you have a stain on that and needed little extra care.

Practicality- When you are using the cabinets, then clearly it is your interaction with the hardware. So, better you inquire about elegant aesthetic while intrusting knobs and if they are not comfortable to handle, then not worth to invest the money in that. Reason, you have to deal with such cabinets on almost daily basis and the hardware should make you support in work, but not become the nuisance. Also, if the knobs and pulls would have sharp edges, then they would possibly damage your clothing or can cause you personal injury when you use in the rush.

Conclusion-Having a beautiful and a wonderful looking kitchen or bathroom is what that is considered as the mandatory part of every beautiful house. These are the places where you can make the individual choice, so can be fitted with other part of the house or serve well. Having wonderful sink cabinets not just look good, but also offers many advantages. So, the best idea to go with the same.


Beautiful Ways to Use Brass in Your Furniture

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Brass is a metal that is made of copper and zinc that was very popular during the ancient times.  However, the metal has started gaining back some popularity and more people are embracing it in different ways. Brass is a beautiful metal that is loved due to the fact that it does not rust and gives one’s home an elegant look that is difficult to achieve unless you use gold, which is a lot more expensive. Brass is also very durable and versatile, which means that you can use it in many ways around your house. One of these is by incorporating it into furniture to add that extra touch of elegance in the following ways.traditional-coffee-tables

  1. Brass coffee table

Brass can be made into practically anything you want, such as a beautiful artistic coffee table that you will love. One thing about the metal is its beautiful color that is unique and gives a certain retro feel that will be perfect if it is something that you have embraced in your home. A brass coffee table is durable, thus it will last for years without needing replacement. You may have to get it polished once in a while, but this is easy to do and should not cause you much trouble.

  1. Chairs and chaises

A full brass chair or couch may not be practical for most homes, but if you believe you can pull it off; by all means do so, it will be beautiful. However, you can have certain aspects of your furniture in brass such as chair handles and the legs. Brass has the ability to uplift your furniture and make it look so much classier than if you were to have it made of wood or any other common metal. You can refurbish your couch to include brass decorations such as some flower patterns at the bottom. This will definitely make it look so much better than having it plain as it were.

  1. Brass dining set

You may choose to have a complete brass dining set which includes the chairs and table. Have it in any shape you like with any other additional decorations that you like. However, if you feel that this is too much for you, then you may incorporate some hardwood parts that will create some unique texture to your dining table and chairs. Look for creative ways to use brass in your existing dining table and chairs and have then done by a professional since this will guarantee that you get exactly what you envisioned.

  1. Brass bedroom furniture

kgrhqvnsfitgwfmfbbsqfsin7_32If you are looking for a way to refurbish the furniture in your bedroom, consider using brass. There are many ways you can achieve this such as your dressing table. You can choose to have the legs and drawer handles made of brass. A unique and truly artistic way is to have the frame of your mirror in brass. It is simply beautiful if you have it plainly as it is, or you can have some patterned designs on it. A great way to use brass on your bed is by having a large elegant headboard in brass then you may choose to leave the other parts in hardwood. It will literally look like an expensive antique piece.

Using brass is a nice way to remodel and accessorize your home. Since it is so versatile, you can use it very many ways such as n door handles or even have a television stand made of it. If you are looking for a unique way to decorate your home, this is it.



What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Your Bed

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Do you get up tired in the morning because of you saggy and uncomfortable mattress? It is really past time for you to look for a new mattress. However, it can be really overwhelming to choose from literally unlimited options available to you nowadays. It is even more important for you to buy the right mattress if you suffer from neck or back pain. The choice of mattress will determine whether you spend your days in pain or fresh and happy.

Choosing a Right Mattress:

Following are some really great tips on how to choose the right mattress for your bed.

  • Talk to Your Doctor:

First of all, you must talk to your doctor if you have a health condition and take his recommendations. Doctors are fully knowledgeable about your condition. They know nothing about mattresses but they can give you the best advice depending on your conditions and symptoms.mattresses-1449656969_cf71d6e28444d6fd9da591664662074a

  • Do a Trial:

Try to lie on the mattress for at least 15-20 minutes in the shopping mall or store. Never let the sales person hurry you along. Similarly, there is no need to feel self-conscious as well. Buying a new mattress is really a big deal especially in the long run. You will never get the right mattress for you if you don’t check it thoroughly.

  • Beware of the Tricks:

You might already have heard from the sales persons that their mattresses are “medically approved” or “orthopaedic.” Well, there is no such thing in real life. There is no health organization in the wold which certifies mattresses. Those mattresses may have certain health benefits but they are not certified.

  • Firm Mattresses Versus Comfort:

Don’t fall in the trap of buying a hard or firm mattress if you have a chronic back pain. Numerous researches have proved that a medium firm mattress is ideal for low back pain as compared to a firm mattress. Similarly, firm support and firm feel is necessarily not the same thing. While comfortable feel depends upon your personal preferences, you mattress must offer firm support with comfortable feel.

If you are a slim person, you do not require pillow tops at all. You are probably not heavy enough to compress the foam. There is no chance of you touching the coils. On the other hands, it is important and more comfortable for heavier persons to have some extra protection between them and the

  • Go for Adjustable Beds:

If you feel more comfortable while reclining rather than lying down, an adjustable bed can be a great asset for you. They enable you to relieve pressure on the lower back by allowing you to slightly lift both your head and knees.

  • Always Check the Warranty:

It is pertinent to note that all the good mattresses come with a decade or 10 years of full replacement warranty. If the seller hesitates to provide the warranty, it is time to look for your mattress somewhere else. You must also protect your investment by buying some sort of waterproof mattress protector. This is important because you cannot claim warranty if your bed mattress is full of stains.

How to nail industrial look and 5 reasons to do it

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The main feature of this style is an unfinished look that is celebrating its imperfections. It focuses on combining bare and rough surfaces with clean, flat and completed ones. Goal is to act as a showcase for everything that comes to your mind when you think of industry and manufacturing. 53a5a65c36747e197b05f64d121f8301

Whole concept of industrial-style interior is created for people that are brave enough not to be slaves of formalities and don’t care about fancy final touch. Therefore, every aspect of design is essential – but should leave you with an impression that everything is very casually arranged.

The best home for this look is one with the open floor plans because you can easily imagine the appearance of the old warehouses or factories in it. This trend is becoming increasingly popular in the last few years.

We analyzed basic characteristics of industrial look for you. So, here you have five reasons for nailing it at your home:

  1. Putting man-made objects on pedestal

More or less any object that is man-made is in some way a result of the industrial design – from furniture to adorning objects. This is the opportunity to take out old, cherished items from forgotten rooms – anything made of metal, steel or wood. If they look worn and used – even better! See what you can find in antique shops, trade fairs and flea markets.

  1. Trying too hard never did any good

Like in life, industrial style teaches you that the best look is the one that seems a bit careless. Steel structures, such as beams and columns, concrete ceilings and walls, polished and clean concrete floors – everything should be left visible. Don’t bother with covering installations, crude edges nor bricks in the wall that looks like it has been there for years. Everything is not supposed to be perfect.il_570xn-277878135-copy

  1. Light bulbs for fresh ideas

Another aspect of this look that makes it so awesome is lighting that should look as if it belongs in a warehouse. Play with retro designed ceiling lamps, neon lights and vintage light bulbs – they will certainly spark additional decorating ideas.

  1. Minimalism – because less is always more

Avoid crowding the space because it will make it harder to accentuate specific and rare pieces that will give the charm to your home. There is no need for too much furniture, this style is pretty minimalistic.  One trick that can help you to achieve this is using the same wooden floor in all premises. If there is no possibility to do so, concentrate on details that you particularly like and use them to give your home a fresh look.

  1. Recreate your favorite hiding place

Remember the treasures you could dig out from an old attic when you were a kid? That’s what you’re after here! Make use of old metal or wooden cabinets for storage of old cupboards, broken shelves and any kind of excess stuff.

So, are you cool enough for the industrial style? If so, our suggestions will definitely help you in providing this unique appearance of your home.