Which Type Of Hardwood Floor Is Best For Your Home

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What type of hardwood floor is best for your house? It is one of the most important decisions you have to make if you want to buy hardwood floor for your house. There are many different factors which can affect your decision. For instance, you must consider the construction type of your home or office to make the decision easier.

In the context of above discussion, following are some most important types of hardwood floors.hard-wood-floor-8

  • Solid Hardwood Floors:

The standard solid floor is ¾” thick. The standard thickness for thin profile floor is 5/6”. There are three ways in which you saw the planks. The price and stability of the floor depend upon how the planks have been sawn. These floors can last for generations because they are strong and durable. You can easily clean and refinish them as many times as you want.

  • Engineered Hardwood Floors.

These types of floors are manufactured by bonding a real hardwood surface to another board. These boards are made of either high density fibreboard or plywood. As a result, such floors are more stable dimensionally as compared to their solid counterparts. They are cheaper than solid hardwood floors and you can install the pretty easily. They won’t crack or scuff under high pressures as well.

As the name suggests, different types of acrylic components are doped into the real wood to manufacture acrylic impregnated floors. These floors are much stronger, flexible, harder and durable than both the solid and engineered hardwood floors. If your home is quite busy with a lot of activity, you must go for this very type of hardwood floor. For the very same reason, they are widely used in commercial buildings. Similarly, they are more resistant to the moisture and other factors which can damage your floor.d3d797fa22ca64200e5eb4591d8d22a6

  • Reclaimed and Recycled Hardwood Floors:

The best and unique thing about these floors is that they are manufactured from reclaimed wood. However, they don’t differ in terms of construction type. Manufactures collect wood from abandoned buildings, logs salvaged from rivers and lakes and sunken boats etc. These floors are perfect for people who are conscious about environment and want to have sustainable flooring.

  • Unfinished Wood Flooring:

You need to seal the wood floor to protect them from every day wear and tear. Unfinished wood floors are not at all unfinished. As a matter of fact, manufactures finish these floors at your home or on the job site. You can choose from different types of finish to match the specific need or color of your existing flooring.

  • Factory Finished Wood Flooring:

As the name suggests, manufactures finish these floors at their factories or workplace. Workers will require less time to install these floors because they have already been sanded and finished. Similarly, you can immediately start using the floor after installation process is complete.

It is better for you to consult your installer or manufacturer about which floor best suits your home and meets your particular requirements.

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