Yes, you really need a rug pad: Top 5 reasons to go and buy it right away

Unknown hero of your living-room, rug pad, is totally and unjustly underestimated. If you try to find the right one via internet, most probably you will find it somewhere in articles under titles that sound like this:

„Do I really need one?“

Why this lack of enthusiasm? This is one of the products in your home that will provide you the best value for the given price. You can purchase it for less than 20 dollars and it will last at least ten years!

So, the answer is – yes, you do need a rug pad. Here are top 5 reasons to back this statement up:how-to-choose-rug-pads

1) Protection of the rug. If you already invested your money in that expensive wool rug, you might as well maintain it properly. Although you vaccum it regulary and even wash it once in a while –   underside of the rug can be just as senstive as the top one.

Constant friction that is made while you walk on it, especially in areas like hallways, can permanently damage your rug by making it thinner in certain spots. With a proper rug pad you won’t have to worry about this.

2) Protection of the floor. You won’t exactly notice any differencies on your floors on a daily basis. When you star with renovation works in a few year, you’ll discover how that rustic sofa was way too heavy, high heels too sharp and area around your coffee table unprotected for whole time.

How will you know that? All of these things will leave „scars“ and trailson your beautiful laminate in rosewood tones. If you had bought a rug pad on time, this wouldn’t have happened. Don’t say later that we didn’t warn you.ecoplush0-5-feltrugpad

3) Protection from the moisture. Rug pads can be made waterproof, out of materials such as natural ruber, jute or memory foam. I bet you can remeber at least three situations where this would mean a world. If not, here’s a short reminder:

Let’s say you have small children running around the house. Maybe you are owner of a puppy or an old cat. Well…accidents can happen. Some liquid will eventually end up on your rug and you know it. It’s inevitable – but it doesn’t have to harm your floors.

4) Less noise, more comfort. There are also other benefits that are not so obvious on a first glance. Rug pad of high-quality can reduce noise of your steps and make your area rug more comfortable. It even has insulation purpose, because it separates you from the cold floor surface.  longlifepad

5) Life-saving prevention of slipping.

Rug pad will keep your rug in one place and prevent corners to roll up. Combined with double-sided tape, it can save your life. Be careful, though, not to tape it completely, for the purpose of cleaning that area.

No sliding, plus chances are less that you are going to kill yourself in your own house. Handy, isn’t it?


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